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Autumn is the third season every year, and the season in which players receive news about global warming. Generally in 1v1 matches, frostbite is the first effect of global warming, starting in year 4-7 depending mostly on the amount of industry. Firestorm will start to occur after, in year 7-12. After that, bonedrought will start to appear.

In maps with more than 2 players, global warming happens much faster, so much that frostbite might already appear on year 1.


In the autumn weather phase, each building tile add chaos to the map. If the chaos is high enough after this, a newspaper will pop up explaining the new weather effects.

Chaos is generated by buildings. Each tile adds a set amount of chaos every autumn:

  • Towns, farms, outposts, barracks and airfields each add 1 chaos.
  • Cities add 2 chaos.
  • Industry add 5 chaos.

Clearly, Industry adds more to global warming than any other tile.

Terrain changes[]

In autumn there are no changes to the terrain, allowing units to move like usual.

The only weather effect that can occur in autumn is bonedrought.