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The Barracks tile trains the RiflemanGunner and Sapper units. A Barracks tile can be expanded from a City tile at the cost of 5. Its maximum size is 3 and its vision radius is 2. Each building of a Barracks tile has 3 hitpoints. When destroyed, a Barracks tile becomes a Rubble tile.

A Barracks tile will only gain power at night if its surroundings are sufficiently populated; the total sum of power of surrounding allied City tiles must be greater than its current power. Unlike City tiles, Barracks tiles do not automatically gain a building if they would have more power than their current size; instead they must be manually upgraded at the cost of 25 gold. A Barracks tile that is occupied by an enemy unit does not gain power.

During the Autumn weather phase, a Barracks tile emits 1 Chaos.


The Barracks tile can produce a Rifleman unit at the cost of 5.

The Barracks tile can produce a Gunner unit at the cost of 15.

The Barracks tile can produce a Sapper unit at the cost of 15.


The Barracks tile can upgrade itself at the cost of 25.