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A buildings consists of a tile that contains 1 or more figures, sometimes called bodies or - confusingly - buildings. Buildings do not have any combat abilities, but can be destroyed or captured by some units. The main purposes of buildings are to generate income and to produce units. All buildings have a vision radius of 2, and 2 or 3 hitpoints

There are seven types of units: City, Town, Outpost, Farm, Industry, Barracks and Airfield.

All buildings create a rubble tile when they are destroyed.

In the game file, there are 1 other buildings, it is called Embassy.


Unlike units, buildings do not have movement or combat orders. Buildings have produce, upgrade, expand and stop orders.


All buildings can produce units, some buildings can produce multiple types of units.

  • Cities produce militia and settlers
  • Towns produce settlers
  • Farms produce militia and settlers
  • Outposts produce militia and settlers
  • Industry produce tanks
  • Barracks produce gunners, riflemen and sappers
  • Airfields produce zeppelins


Some buildings are able to expand to create other buildings.

  • Cities can expand into barracks and industry
  • Industry can expand into airfields


Some buildings upgrade automatically depending on the environment (see niceness), and some have to upgrade a monetary cost. Upgraded buildings are able to produce units with more figures, which are exponentially stronger than single units but cost the same to produce.

  • Barracks upgrade for 25 gold with a maximum of 3 buildings
  • Industry upgrades for 50 gold with a maximum of 3 buildings.
  • Towns upgrade for 4 gold with a maximum of 5 buildings. Note that towns upgrade on its own to a maximum of 3 buildings if their niceness is high enough.


All buildings can be given a Stop order. A building that is given the Stop order will not act on its own during its turn.

Stop orders may be useful if you wish to cancel a previously given order, such as a produce, upgrade or expand order that did not go through last turn.

Stop orders can also be given to buildings that had no previous orders. In this case they do nothing except fill up an order slot.