The City tile is a key part of any game of Epicinium, since losing all your City tiles causes you to lose the game. A Town tile can be upgraded to a City tile at the cost of 40. Its maximum size is 5 and its vision radius is 2. Each building of a City tile has 2 hitpoints. When destroyed, a City tile becomes a Rubble tile.

City tiles generate income at night. A City tile will only gain power at night if its surroundings are sufficiently natural. A tile that is occupied by an enemy unit does not generate income and does not gain power.

During the Autumn weather phase, a City tile emits 2 Chaos.

Produce[edit | edit source]

The City tile can produce a Militia unit at the cost of 10.

The City tile can produce a Settler unit at the cost of 1. The produced Settler unit will always have 1 figure, regardless of the current power of the City tile.

Expand[edit | edit source]

The City tile can expand a Barracks tile at the cost of 5.

The City tile can expand an Industry tile at the cost of 5.

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