This page contains many frequently asked questions, and the most common answers.

Q: I changed my resolution and now I cannot access the settings menu anymore!
A: You can go to the menu by pressing alt+S and restart and apply changed by pressing alt+A.
Q: Is the game free?
A: Yes! There will also never be any costs like microtransactions associated with this game.
Q: Are the devs still updating this game:
A: Yes, but they have full time jobs, so it might take some time.
Q: Are we getting a map editor?
A: Yes, they are working on it.
Q: Is this the official wiki?
A: No, this is a fan-made and maintained wiki page. The Developer's wiki is more technical and can be found at However, many pages here were copied and paraphrased from that wiki.
Q: Have you thought of adding X unit?
A: The developers are currently content with the amount of units, and would like to spend their resources on other things first. However, there might be new units in the future.
Q: How do I support the devs if I like this game?
A: You could buy the soundtrack to the game on Steam. They also appreciate you telling them how much you like their game on discord.
Q: What is the best unit?
A: Every player has their own preference for unit types. Each unit has different uses and is better than others in some situation.
Q: What determines which player goes first every turn?
A: This is determined at the start of the game, by the Thue-Morse sequence. This sequence guarantees that no player has a clear advantage regarding moving first.
Q: What was the inspiration for this game?
A: A combination between World War I and World War II, with some concerns about global warming added in.
Q: Are new games modes being implemented?
A: At some point in development, maybe.

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