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The Gunner unit is an infantry unit. It is produced at Barracks tiles for a cost of 15. Its movement speed is only 2, making it weak against faster units or ranged units. Its vision radius is 4. Each gunner has 2 hitpoints and fires 3 shots per attack, each dealing 1 damage.

The high damage potential of the Gunner makes it a very deadly unit, but its greatest vulnerability is being attacked before it can fire a single shot.



The Gunner unit moves and attacks as usual.


The Gunner unit has the Focus ability, attacking a target tile together with all other allied units adjacent to the target tile.


The Gunner unit has the Lockdown ability. This unique ability locks down the target tile, shooting anything in it. For the rest of the turn, any unit that walks into the tile is immediately attacked by the gunner. This means that units that are trying to attack the gunner can be shot before they have a chance to shoot the gunner.

Lockdown mode[]

When a moving unit enters a space targeted by a unit in lockdown mode, all hostile units in lockdown mode targeting that space fire upon it in a single targeted damage step, with the moving unit as its sole target.

If the moving unit survives, it ends its turn immediately without retaliating.


The Gunner unit can Capture enemy tiles.


Gunners can excel in both offensive and defensive strategies, but have some weaknesses that can be exploited.


Having more hitpoints and shooting 3 times, gunners are excellent at taking out militia or riflemen early in the game in rushing strategies. However, it is a good idea to make sure the gunner has some protection from trees, as it is more costly than those units. Due to their resilience and offensive prowess compared to militia and riflemen, gunners are the best units for rushing and capturing cities. In the late game, having double or triple bodies due to upgraded barracks, gunners can take out anything in a single turn and are very hard to kill by anything. The only offensive weakness of the gunner is their low movement of 2, allowing sappers to snipe them fairly easily, and allowing groups of militia to kill them from outside their range when not protected by terrain.


Gunners have the lockdown ability, allowing them to hold a tile for a full turn. This makes them masters at holding chokepoints, as no unit is able to attack them. This ability has great synergy with with the rifleman's trenches ability, making the gunner almost unkillable. However, be wary of enemy sappers as trenches provide no cover against bombards.