Epicinium Wiki

The Industry tile provides the easiest method of generating more income, at the cost of polluting the environment. An Industry tile can be expanded from a City tile at the cost of 5. Its maximum size is 3 and its vision radius is 2. Each building of an Industry tile has 3 hitpoints. When destroyed, an Industry tile becomes a Rubble tile and emits 1 Gas.

At night, each Industry tile generates three income per powered building it has. An Industry tile will only gain power at night if its surroundings are sufficiently populated; the total sum of power of surrounding City tiles must be greater than its current power. Unlike City tiles, Industry tiles do not automatically gain a building if they would have more power than their current size; instead they must be manually upgraded. An Industry tile that is occupied by an enemy unit does not generate income and does not gain power.

During the Autumn weather phase, an Industry tile emits 5 Chaos, significantly more than other populated tiles. Additionally, the Industry tile also reduces the Humidity of its own space and surrounding spaces by 1 each Weather phase.


The Industry tile can produce a Tank unit at the cost of 25.


The Industry tile can expand an Airfield tile at the cost of 5.


The Industry tile can upgrade itself at the cost of 50.