Epicinium Wiki

The Militia unit is the most basic unit in the game. It can be produced at a City tile for a cost of 10, or at a Farm or Outpost tile for a cost of 5. Its maximum size is 3, its movement speed is 3, and it has a vision radius of 4. Each figure in a Militia unit has only 1 hitpoint and fires 1 shot that deals 1 damage.

The Militia unit's main strength lies in its speed and its cheap cost.



The Militia unit moves and attacks as usual.


The Militia unit has the Focus ability.


At no cost, the Militia unit can settle an Outpost. The Militia unit can settle on a GrassDirtForestSoil or Crops tile, replacing that tile and itself with a new tile with 1 building. This also removes any Frostbite or Firestorm present on the tile.