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The Rifleman unit is the bread and butter unit of infantry-based armies. It can be produced at a Barracks tile for a cost of 5. Its maximum size is 3, its movement speed is 2 and it has a vision radius of 4. Each figure in a Rifleman unit has 2 hitpoints and fires 1 shot that deals 1 damage.

The Rifleman unit's main strength lies in its ability to capture tiles and its hitpoints advantage against militia.

Command Options[]


The Rifleman unit moves and attacks as usual.


The Rifleman unit has the Focus ability.


The Rifleman unit can Capture enemy tiles.


In order to improve their survivability, the Rifleman unit can dig trenches, shaping a Grass, Dirt, Forest, Soil or Crops tile into a Trenches tile. This also removes any Frostbite present on the tile. Trenches provide excellent protection against gunfire, allowing riflemen to hold chokepoints longer.