Epicinium Wiki

The Sapper unit is a long-ranged siege unit. It is produced at the Barracks tile for a cost of 15. Its movement speed is 3 and it has a vision radius of 4. Each sapper only has 1 hitpoint and fires 1 shot dealing 1 damage.

Sappers are very weak in direct combat, but they make up for this with their extremely powerful Bombard ability.

Command options[]


The Sapper unit moves and attacks as usual.


The Sapper unit has the Focus ability.


The Sapper unit can Capture enemy tiles.


Bombard is a damage ability with minimum range 2 and maximum range 10 (see image). Each sapper fires 1 shot dealing 3 damage.

Note that the maximum range of Bombard extends beyond the vision radius of most units. If a Sapper unit bombards a tile outside of its owner's vision, its owner does not get to see the outcome of the bombardment. Conversely, players that have vision of a tile being bombarded do not see the Sapper unit that is bombarding, unless they also happen to have vision of the Sapper unit itself.