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the setterler is produced in a city

The Settler unit is a civilian unit that can create new TownFarm and Outpost tiles. It is produced at a City, Town, Farm or Outpost tile for the cost of 1. It has a movement speed of 3 and a vision radius of only 2. The settler has only 1 hitpoint and cannot attack.

Command options[]


The Settler unit can move as usual but cannot attack. If it would move into an enemy ground unit, it will simply stop moving instead. Other units will attack the Settler unit as normal. Note that because the Settler only has 1 figure with 1 hitpoint, it is extremely susceptible to attacks of opportunity.


The Settler unit can settle on a GrassDirtForestSoil or Crops tile, replacing that tile and itself with a new tile with 1 building. This also removes any Frostbite or Firestorm present on the tile.

At no cost, the Settler unit can settle an Outpost.

For a cost of 5, the Settler unit can settle a Farm.

For a cost of 10, the Settler unit can settle a Town.