Epicinium Wiki

The Tank unit is an armored unit that can fulfil both offensive and defensive roles. It is produced at Industry tiles for a cost of 25. It has a standard movement speed of 3 and a vision radius of 4. Each tank has 3 hitpoints. Unlike other offensive units, it cannot attack and must rely on its Shell ability to deal damage.

The Tank unit is mechanical and cannot benefit from Trenches tiles.

Command options[]


The Tank unit can move as usual but cannot attack. If it would move into an enemy ground unit, it will simply stop moving instead. Other units will attack the Tank unit as normal.

While not being able to attack while moving, the tank will deal trample damage to tiles it passes (see below).


Shell is a damage ability with a range of 1. Each tank fires a shot dealing 3 damage, similar to the bombard ability of the sapper. This damage is dealt in an indiscriminate damage step, which means it can also hit friendly units or buildings. After the first shot, each tank fires again for a total of 2 hits per tank.

Trample damage[]

After a Tank unit has moved, it deals trample damage to the tile it has moved to. Each tank deals 1 damage. This damage is dealt in an indiscriminate damage step involving only the tile.