Epicinium Wiki

Vision is, like in many strategy games, one of the core mechanics of Epicinium. Standard games are played in a fog of war, where each player can only see parts of the map where their units and cities are and the tiles surrounding those, dependent on the vision radius per unit.

Vision is defined as a circle around a unit or building with radius the square root of their vision radius. Since tiles are in a square grid, this means that each tile that is completely within the circle is visible to the player, but tiles that are partially within the circle are completely covered in fog of war. Some common vision radii are:

  • A vision radius of 1 means that a unit can see only their own tile and the tiles directly adjacent to the left, right, top and bottom
  • A vision radius of 2 means that a unit can see all tiles in the 3x3 square surrounding them
  • A vision radius of 4 means that a unit can see all tiles in the 3x3 square surrounding them, plus an extra square two tiles to the right, left, top and bottom.
  • A vision radius of 10 means that a unit can see all tiles in the 7x7 square surrounding them, except for the four corner spaces.

Players are able to set vision options in custom and vs-ai games only for themselves, making it possible for some players to have global vision while others do not.

Vision of units[]

All units have a vision radius of 4, with 2 exceptions:

  • The zeppelin has a vision radius of 10
  • The settler has a vision radius of 2

Vision of buildings[]

All building tiles have a vision radius of 2, meaning they have vision in the 3x3 square around them.

Global vision[]

If a player has global vision, there will be no fog of war for them, meaning they can see the whole map at all times.

Global vision can be set for AI as well, and they will behave differently when having global vision. Currently, setting global vision for NeuralNewt is not recommended as it was trained on local vision only.